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3 Ways To Organize Your Life In The New Year


Over a year, we as humans tend to accumulate stuff. We add way too many pieces of clothing to our wardrobe. We get new art our kids have painted and don't throw away. We add too many shoes. It all just starts to add up. So the very first thing we need to tackle in the new year is decluttering! Start room by room and go through each space and ask yourself if you have worn or used each item in the last 3 months. If it's a no, toss it. If you have used it, start a keep pile.

Once you have gone through all the clutter, it's time for step two.

Invest in organization systems

Now that you have less items in your area, it's time to organize! Adding organization systems can be a huge help. Either install a custom closet space from Amazing closets and more, or add an organization insert or divider from Amazon. There are many systems and companies out there that offer these systems, just have to research which is best for you and your space.

Once your space is reorganized, it's time for the hardest step...

Maintain the organization

It happens every year. We get the space organized, we make a mess, and we leave it. We again continue to add stuff to our space we don't need. So this is the hardest step for really everyone, but maintaining your space is so important. Implement a weekly organization routine in your life that is manageable for your lifestyle. Group items by category or color and every Sunday, make sure everything is still grouped. Set one day a week aside to making sure everything is in place where it belongs. This will help keep you from having to do a huge reset at the beginning of next year!

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