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Impress Those Guests

It’s THAT time of year. Your house becomes a winter wonderland, your kids bring home all the red and green glitter artwork, and you’ve got something on the calendar for every day leading up to the 25th. That’s right, it’s Christmas! Now some of you immediately thought of all the decorating you still need to do. Some thought of the presents you still need to buy. Some thought about how you’re going to be in two places at once because of all the events you have scheduled. But some of you thought “My in-laws are coming” and you saw flashes of Christmas’ past, and now all of a sudden, you’re in a panic! Deep breaths, we’re here to help take away those Christmas scaries by helping you create an organized and thoughtful guest space!

Wall beds for the win

Wall beds, or as they’re most commonly known “Murphy Beds”, were first introduced in the early 1900s to help turn living rooms into a more appropriate place to host guests in smaller, one-bedroom apartments. We’ve seen them make a roaring comeback lately and we love it! Imagine giving your in-laws, or any guest, not just a bedroom but, an actual living space with just a simple flip of a frame. We love the options that our designers at Amazing Closets and More offer for wall beds in any space whether it be a guest room, playroom, or office. Any space can be transformed into a living area impressive enough the pickiest of relatives. Yes, we’re looking at you mothers-in-law!

murphy bed, wall bed, amazing closets and more

Functionality speaks volumes

One of the best tips for traveling is to bring a collapsible hamper with you for dirty laundry (feel free to steal that!) but most people won’t use that trick while traveling to a family member's home. To help keep your guests feeling at home we suggest keeping a hamper for their dirty laundry in the guest room. This not only adds a very homey feeling but also keeps the room organized by keeping laundry off the floors or their suitcases. If you’re really looking for extra brownie points maybe, consider adding a pull-out hamper to any closet design! It’s a simple touch but it really adds something special to any closet in your home.

pull out hamper, hamper

Be prepared and purposeful

Who doesn’t love a good gift basket? It’s even better when that gift basket is stocked piled with all your favorite things. How about putting together a basket for your guests and having it waiting for them in the guest room? Does your mother-in-law love vanilla-scented things? Throw a vanilla candle in the basket with a small lighter. Do you know your father-in-law always forgets his toothpaste and then somehow yours goes missing during their stay? Put some travel-size toothpaste in the basket to avoid hunting down your toothpaste every morning. Another way to impress with the guest room is keeping extra pillows and blankets in the guest room closet. We also love keeping the guest bathroom stocked with neatly folded towels, new bath soaps, holiday-inspired hand soap. A special touch if you have little ones coming for the holidays is to keep some bath toys in the guest bathroom and kid-friendly snacks in the gift basket.

welcome basket, amazing closets and more

Photo from Simple Modest Chic

Do’s and Don’ts to impress

DO make your home welcoming to all guests.

DON’T make yourself crazy trying!

DO remember that you love your family.

DON’T pull a Clark Griswold and invite BOTH sets of in-laws to stay for TWO weeks! (Unless you’re into that whole “Christmas Vacation” vibe then we suggest adding Tylenol to your Christmas shopping list)

Staying organized during this time of year is tricky enough without the added pressure of guests coming to visit. We suggest starting prep for your guests the week of their visit, not the day of as well. Trust us, there will be plenty of other things to do that day! Like perhaps, putting 25,000 twinkle lights on your house? Right, Clark?

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